Easy to Use

Once you login, every page on your site has a editing toolbar. When you see something you want to change, simply click edit and make your changes. 

Our marketplace of add-ons and themes has plenty of free and commercial options. When you buy a commercial add-on or theme there are no recurring costs — just a one time per-site fee.

SEO is a breeze! Simply add meta data to any page or image live right in your browser, or use the built-in Bulk SEO tool to do everything at once.

Our active community is filled with individuals who are happy to help at no cost in the forums. You can also post jobs and search for contractors for free. If you have major enterprise needs or feature improvements to the CMS itself, the core team may even be able to help.

Easy to Theme

With concrete5, it's your design that defines the process.

You can convert basic HTML into a concrete5 theme in a few minutes. Simply copy and paste a line of PHP code for any area you want editable, and you're done.

We made concrete5 to serve everyone. Glance through our showcase to view vastly different websites created with concrete5.

Your code can be as clean or sloppy as you'd like. Create as many page types and themes as make sense for your project. We supply the tools, you can make anything.

Our marketplace is curated, only containing add-ons and themes that actually work. With concrete5 you can start with a simple content site and easily turn it into an extranet or intranet over time.

Easy to Extend

Sure, the in-context editing is simple to use, but concrete5 is by no means a WYSIWYG toy. You can build large and powerful applications with concrete5. concrete5 has a great flexible architecture makes it much easier to respond quickly as your client gets involved.

You can change the view layer for any block by simply adding a custom template. You can use controllers, events and all the stuff you've grown to expect out of a well built application framework.

Every concrete5 install has a nicely encapsulated core directory you never have to touch. Our override structure lets you replace almost any file in the core by simply copying it to a separate spot in the file system. When you want to upgrade later, you will never have to run a diff to find your changes.

Ask in our forums and other developers will tell you the number one benefit to using concrete5 is how simple hand-off is at the end of the project.

Clients who actually enjoy editing and adding content to their site are clients who pay their bills on time and bring you more interesting work in the future.