Monthly Town Hall Meetings

The Concrete CMS community comes together each month to discuss the future of Concrete CMS; give thanks for community member contributions to the code base, documentation, and community support; show off exceptional examples of Concrete CMS sites in the wild; demo community add-ons and projects to demonstrate the power of Concrete CMS, and to foster discussion with the community about the topics that matter most.

When do we meet?

We hold a monthly community meeting ever first Tuesday of each month, 9:30 a.m. Pacific (UTC -8).

Where do we meet? We broadcast live on youtube. Join us in the #town_hall channel in Slack for extra discussion. 

Next town hall meeting

Our next town hall meeting will be held on March 02, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. PST (find your local time here). Read the blog post about our next town hall meeting here or watch the broadcast below on the day of the event:

Have a question for the next meeting?

If you have a question, comment, or topic for discussion for the next town hall meeting, please submit it below.


Previous town hall meetings


  • October
  • September
  • August
  • July
  • June
  • May
    • Community call-outs and thank yous
    • v9 update
    • Blogging add-on demo
    • Q&A
  • April
    • GitHub Project: Please check the project and help
    • iPad Questionnaire winners (1:51)
    • Thank yous and shout-outs (7:00)
    • Showcase site (10:31)
    • Bedrock (12:55)
    • concrete5 V9 and Bedrock (15:44)
    • Q&A (29:45): Stylesheet customizer and SCSS compatibility for V9, loading SCSS directly with required assets, file names for overrides, Bootstrap, permissions
  • March
    • Updates on 8.5.3, survey, documentation site, v9 preview
    • Q&A: CLI and advanced permissions
  • February
  • January


  • December
  • November
  • October
  • September
    • News: FedRAMP certification
    • Cool concrete5 sites in the wild
    • Karma and community thanks
    • Show and tell: file manager and database manager
  • August
    • Restructure town hall meetings and training
    • Karma and community thanks
    • 8.5.2 release
    • Show and tell: Speed Analyzer
    • Show and Tell: Search++
    • Questions and answers
  • July
    • ATO from Army
    • Training classes update
    • Showcase concrete5 sites
  • June
    • ISO certification
    • community rebuild plans
    • News and updates
    • Documentation updates
    • Thank yous to community members
    • Show and tell: headless CMS
    • Show and tell: GraphQL demo by lemonbrain
  • May
    • remembering community member hereNT
    • Live tutorials have begun
    • Thank yous to community members
    • Questions and answers
  • April
    • Karma points survey results
    • Friday tutorials
    • Shoutouts and thank yous
    • version 8.5 release
    • Brand Central progress
    • Show and tell: Community store
  • March
    • version 8.5 about to be released
    • Messages updates
    • Documentation edit button
    • File Manager UX
    • Who is using concrete5
    • Thank yous and shoutouts
    • Show and tell: Brand Central
  • February
    • Sunshine PHP
    • Google's Summer of code
    • Who is concrete5 being used by?
    • version 8.5rc availability
    • File manager comps
    • Q&A
  • January
    • Thank yous and shoutouts
    • Historical data analysis
    • Weekly training videos for developers
    • concrete5 core changes and thoughts
    • Karma point revisions


  • December
    • Thank yous
    • Documentation site
    • Chrome/Google blocking downloads
    • concrete5 redesign concept presentation
    • File manager update
    • API docs
    • Badges/Karma
    • Forums
    • Partner certification and training
  • November
    • SSO in progress
    • Karma points and badges: we are revisitng
    • Documentation Requests forum
    • v6 Marketplace shutting down
    • Revisit the filemanager