Monthly Town Hall Meetings

The concrete5 community comes together each month to discuss the future of concrete5; give thanks for community member contributions to the code base, documentation, and community support; show off exceptional examples of concrete5 sites in the wild; demo community add-ons and projects to demonstrate the power of concrete5, and to foster discussion with the community about the topics that matter most.

When do we meet?

Every first Tuesday of each month, 9:30 a.m. Pacific (UTC -8). Resulting in a monthly community meeting.

Where do we meet? We broadcast live on youtube. Join us in the #town_hall channel in Slack for extra discussion. 

Next town hall meeting

Our next town hall meeting will be held on November 10th, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. PST (find your local time here). Read the blog post about our next town hall meeting here or watch the broadcast below on the day of the event:

Have a question for the next meeting?

If you have a question, comment, or topic for discussion for the next town hall meeting, please submit it below.


Previous town hall meetings


  • October
  • September
  • August
  • July
  • June
  • May
    • Community call-outs and thank yous
    • v9 update
    • Blogging add-on demo
    • Q&A
  • April
    • GitHub Project: Please check the project and help
    • iPad Questionnaire winners (1:51)
    • Thank yous and shout-outs (7:00)
    • Showcase site (10:31)
    • Bedrock (12:55)
    • concrete5 V9 and Bedrock (15:44)
    • Q&A (29:45): Stylesheet customizer and SCSS compatibility for V9, loading SCSS directly with required assets, file names for overrides, Bootstrap, permissions
  • March
    • Updates on 8.5.3, survey, documentation site, v9 preview
    • Q&A: CLI and advanced permissions
  • February
  • January


  • December
  • November
  • October
  • September
    • News: FedRAMP certification
    • Cool concrete5 sites in the wild
    • Karma and community thanks
    • Show and tell: file manager and database manager
  • August
    • Restructure town hall meetings and training
    • Karma and community thanks
    • 8.5.2 release
    • Show and tell: Speed Analyzer
    • Show and Tell: Search++
    • Questions and answers
  • July
    • ATO from Army
    • Training classes update
    • Showcase concrete5 sites
  • June
    • ISO certification
    • community rebuild plans
    • News and updates
    • Documentation updates
    • Thank yous to community members
    • Show and tell: headless CMS
    • Show and tell: GraphQL demo by lemonbrain
  • May
    • remembering community member hereNT
    • Live tutorials have begun
    • Thank yous to community members
    • Questions and answers
  • April
    • Karma points survey results
    • Friday tutorials
    • Shoutouts and thank yous
    • version 8.5 release
    • Brand Central progress
    • Show and tell: Community store
  • March
    • version 8.5 about to be released
    • Messages updates
    • Documentation edit button
    • File Manager UX
    • Who is using concrete5
    • Thank yous and shoutouts
    • Show and tell: Brand Central
  • February
    • Sunshine PHP
    • Google's Summer of code
    • Who is concrete5 being used by?
    • version 8.5rc availability
    • File manager comps
    • Q&A
  • January
    • Thank yous and shoutouts
    • Historical data analysis
    • Weekly training videos for developers
    • concrete5 core changes and thoughts
    • Karma point revisions


  • December
    • Thank yous
    • Documentation site
    • Chrome/Google blocking downloads
    • concrete5 redesign concept presentation
    • File manager update
    • API docs
    • Badges/Karma
    • Forums
    • Partner certification and training
  • November
    • SSO in progress
    • Karma points and badges: we are revisitng
    • Documentation Requests forum
    • v6 Marketplace shutting down
    • Revisit the filemanager