Partnership with the Core Team

In an effort to serve everyone who loves concrete5, we're proudly announcing a new type of hosting and support from the core team. Our agency partner program offers shared hosting at discounted rates, and our technical support hourly a la carte.

You provide the first level editing support to your clients, and then rely on us do as much of the heavy lifting as you need. We can work with and train your developers as we go, or we can chop your theme and build out the structure for you. Just let us know what type of help you need.


Apply for an Agency Partnership Today

To become an Agency Partner we want to see what type of work you do, and you need to have basic editing with concrete5 figured out. Then we can effectively offer you tier II and III type support at a discounted hourly rate.

We also feature you in our member search listings, and promote your services to prospective site owners coming to looking for help.


Early Adopters Benefits 

Today this Partner Program has no annual or monthly costs, and we’ll make sure it never does for you if you sign up now.

Moreover, ask to become an Agency Partner this week and we’ll give you the certification credits you need to pass basic editor certification for free.

This is a completely risk and cost free way for you guys to qualify to find better leads through concrete5, and have the best practices & debugging skills of the core team at your beck and call. Sign up now.



Agency Partners will be awarded several badges upon signing up, one of your own website or promotional material and another for our community here at 

If you are accepted, your community badge will automatically be awarded to your account on Your promotional certified badge will be emailed you following your sign up process. 



Community Badge 


Individual Agency Certified Badge 




"There's a limit to how deep I want to get into the tech/coding side, and I prefer to stay on the all-around business consulting side as much as I can. This is just a great tool to have in my toolkit. "

 Andrew Amelang

Apply Now:


Frequently Asked Questions


How fast is it?

We promise a basic response to your question within 2 business days or faster. We will then give you a not-to-exceed hourly estimate and turn around time for the work. Approve it and we're working away for you. 

How does payment happen?

We create invoices as we go in our service & support system. You pay by check, paypal or credit card: net-10. 

What do I have to pay for, and what's included for free?

Nothing much beyond reading your email and pricing the work, that's why it's free. Of course if it is just a simple answer we can give, we will do so because we're good people. ;) We've gone out of our way to make it easy to join this program because we want it to be easy to choose concrete5 over the competition for your CMS needs. We need to get paid to help you because we're self funded, and we want to get paid to work on the core. You hiring us to help on your projects keeps us focused on concrete5, and that's good for everyone. 

Is this support or services?

If you're looking for uptime guarantees and SLA's for large sites, you need to check out our Enterprise Support. This is us offering to support you (since you know what you're doing) on an as-needed basis, hourly. 

I'm not a web designer/agency, but I have a website and I need help with something. Is this for me?

One of our Agency Partners would love to help you. We're trying to keep our team small and technically elite, while also getting paid to work on concrete5. Check out our docs, post to the forums, or post a job for free to get help from an Agency Partner. 

Where's the contract, and what do we own?

We do this work under our standard services agreement, which we will share when you are accepted as an Agency Partner.

It clearly gives you complete rights to use any code we produce for your own shop's projects. It also gives us rights to do the same. It is possible that the problems you bring us might lead to solutions we create and give away for free in the core or sell ourselves. You'll still own your copy of the stuff you paid us to think about. This is how we work with everyone and this is how concrete5 has many of the features you enjoy today. If there's a large project on the radar and there's something else about our contract you want to negotiate, we're certainly ammenable to the discussion.