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Addon Updates

Hello, I am having an issue with updating 2 addons its trying to backup to the Unable to backup old package directory to /home/countryc/public_html/files/trash Not sure how to change it to a different folder or what I need to do to update.

Filling the Empty space in the global heading

I have a logo, a search bar and navigation in the global heading on the website I am working on. However, we want the logo bigger so I am getting a lot of empty space in the header. How can I add a block so I can put something else there. I am running …

Editing in file Manager not loading

The File Manager works all good except for the edit on the file manager. It just loads for a bit and then is blank. I don't get any console errors when inspecting the source and doing this process. # concrete5 Version

Can't Delete Order

I was just testing out the store and how it would handle downloads and now I'm trying to delete my fake orders and I get this error. Any help would be appreciated. Call to undefined method Concrete\Package\VividStore\Src\VividStore\Order\Order::getS…

Footer navigation missing, landing pages show /index.php/contact/

I've just uploaded a new site on C5 5.6 with the Slate theme, but there are two issues: One is that all landing pages show site.com/index.php/contact/ instead of site.com/contact/ The other is there is a block of footer links that displays perfectly…

isGlobalArea() on Null

I'm currently trying to figure out a bug on a website we run that's built on concrete5. When we try and add a block to an area to override a parent block, we get a failed request with this response from the server. Response output below. [code]{ "…


Hi, Someone can tell me when I create on dashboard one single page on Concrete the variable return NULL and the page appears empty, just appear NULL. My version of my PHP is 7.1.7. Thanks, I will wait an answer.

Issues with concrete5

Hello I am working on a website, with concrete5 5.7.2 I believe. It will not allow me to edit or anything when I am logged in as admin. I am going to upload the screen. Everything is grayed out and not able to do anything. What do I need to do?

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