5.7 BlockType->render() when hard coding block with custom template


So I have been playing with 5.7 ( and hard coding a block into my page type. In this instance it is the tags block. All works fine until I try and apply a custom template.

Before 5.7 the code would have been like this

$p = Page::getByID($c->getCollectionParentID());
$tags = BlockType::getByHandle('tags');
$tags->controller->targetCID = $p->getCollectionID();

However this doesn't work in 5.7 and from what I can see it is because unless there is an instance of a block it will just ignore what you have passed to the render method and just loads view.php in the blocks core directory. If you want to take a look it is the setupRender method in the BlockView class

So instead I used this method
$p = Page::getByID($c->getCollectionParentID());
$tags = BlockType::getByHandle('tags');
$tags->controller->targetCID = $p->getCollectionID();
$tags->controller->blockViewRenderOverride = 'templates/my_template/view';

This works! unless you want to keep your block view override within a package. This is because there is no package id so it doesn't go looking in the package directory but directly in the applications/blocks or concrete/blocks directories with the following error:

include(C:\server\htdocs\concrete5.7\concrete/blocks/tags/templates/my_template/view.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

is this a bug? or is there something I have missed?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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kieranrushby replied on at Permalink Reply
Anyone have any ideas on this??
weetheme replied on at Permalink Reply
You not alone!!4

I just press F5 on this site every hour..


so you need a block. Some other's i saw tried to add a block,but after when you check if it's already exist (already added) and get it back by name, you got error like "scrapbook not exists".. so it was a dead end..

if you have the block or you can get it by id or name here's a sample code for autonav:

$p = Page::getByID(1);
      $a = new GlobalArea('Header Navigation');
      $blocks = $a->getAreaBlocksArray($c);
      foreach ($blocks as $block){
         if ($block->getBlockTypeHandle()=="autonav"){
            $block->setCustomTemplate('cdrop.php'); // it's templates/cdrop.php -check the select option values when you set custom template manually at edit mode. I think you will need just "my_template" 
            $bv = new BlockView($block);
weetheme replied on at Permalink Reply
about render('view')
check the c57\concrete\src\Block\View\BlockView.php > setupRender function and you will see it not means that it will render the default view, it use the custom settings if the block has any.