5.7 controllers for single_pages confusion

I can not seem to get a crontroller to work for a single_page.

I have a single page called Newsroom


echo "test page";
echo "[".$test."]";
$a = new Area('Main');

and i have the controller in ...

namespace Application\Controller\SinglePage\Newsroom;
use Controller;
print "TEST";exit;
class Newsroom extends Controller {
  public function view() {
    $this->set('test', 'works');

for the record, I have also put the controller in


and I have tried many versions of controller.php

namespace Application\Controller\SinglePage\Newsroom;
namespace Application\SinglePage\Newsroom;
namespace Application\Controller\SinglePage\Newsroom;
use Controller;
use Page;
use Single;
use SinglePage;
class Newsroom extends Controller {
class NewsroomController extends Controller {
class Newsroom extends PageController {
class Controller extends Single {
class Controller extends Page {
many more, ad nauseam...

Can someone please share how the 57 singlepage controllers need to be to work? I followed the examples on the Migration Guide, and either I missed something or they don’t apply to single_pages

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ntisithoj replied on at Permalink Reply
ok, after wrestling this aligator, here is what worked. Mainly the issues ended when I did NOT use subfolders

These threads also helped


in applications/single_pages/news.php
echo "test page<br/>";
$myFoo = $controller->getFoo();
echo "testing getFoo...".$myFoo."<br/>";
echo "testing on_start...".$view_var."<br/>";
$a = new Area('Main');

in applications/controllers/single_page/news.php

namespace Application\Controller\SinglePage;
use PageController;
class News extends PageController {
    protected $foo = "::getFoo() works";
    public function getFoo(){
        return $this->foo;
    public function view() {
       $this->set('view_var', '::view() works');

Output =

test page
testing getFoo...::getFoo() works
testing on_start...::view() works

Then, I created a new single page called “newsroom”

applications/single_pages/news.php   applications/single_pages/newsroom/view.php
cp applications/controllers/single_page/news.php  applications/controllers/single_page/newsroom/controller.php

and changed the controller as per all the lines below

class Controller extends PageController {
class Newsroom extends PageController {
class NewsroomController extends PageController {
namespace Application\Controller\SinglePage\Newsroom
namespace Application\Controller\SinglePage
class NewsroomController extends PageController {
etc, etc

and I get

Call to undefined method Concrete\Core\Page\Controller\PageController::getFoo()

And THEN….

I moved the controller to the newsroom subdir

mv applications/controllers/single_page/newsroom/controller.php  applications/single_page/newsroom/controller.php

(which obviously where it really belongs)

and when through the many iterations of possible namespaces and class names, and got the same “Call to undefined method Concrete\Core\Page\Controller\PageController::getFoo()”

So, the upshot is, in 57, I can ONLY create view in the single_pages top dir and controllers ONLY in the controllers/single_pages top dir, contrary to both documentation and c5.6 :(