says running current version, no updates available...5.7.3 is out


Currently Running, No updates available when 5.7.3 is out.

How do we get this update?

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
As far as I know, you just download the newest version. Go to your concrete5 root and create a folder "updates" if not available yet. Within the updates folder you create a new folder named exactly the same as a version numer (i.e. ""). Extract the contents of the new version into this newly created folder. Then you can update to this version within the dashboard, if it's newer then your current version.

Hope this helped you :)
ianfoulds replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi mfraioli

I had the same issue, I unzipped the update into the 'updates' folder so it looked like this:

updates -->
concrete5.7.3 -->

Then the update was visible. Strangely though after applying the update the original C5 files were still in place but were overloaded by the files in the updates folder. I guess this is as it should be so that an update can be uninstalled, however this could lead to a very messy system after a couple of updates and may give poor performance if update after update is overloaded. It would be sensible if updates could be integrated into the core code once they have been tested.

MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
I have successfully used this technique to update concrete5 without having separate files in the updates folder.