5.7.4 Help button ccm-notification-help-launcher

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Does anyone know how to turn off the help button in 5.7.4RC2?

It mainly affects my site on mobile as it positioned exactly where my nav button is!

I have in the mean time added

.ccm-notification-help-launcher {
     @media only screen and (max-width : @screen-xs-max) { display:none !important; }

which hides it.

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi edbeeny,

I have been thinking about the help launcher position too.

At first I thought an on/off setting in the dashboard would be useful, but then you lose the benefit of having it on demand.

I think a better idea might be to move the help launcher into the toolbar.

Here is the GitHub issue I made for it.

If you agree with the idea, or have a better idea, please comment on the issue.
edbeeny replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm happy with your proposal, I agree much better than turning off. Can't really think of a better solution.
ntisithoj replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
it is a far bigger issue for me.... not only do I find this help windows useless after the first few times I see it (and then can't turn it off), it lays right on top of my content, and the OK button does nothing, not generates any error code in the console :( so it just sits there making me page useless... grrr.

In what file did you add that css? I added it to defaults.less and it did nothing.
ntisithoj replied on at Permalink Reply
FYI, I added "display:none;" to application/css/app.css to just make it disappear forever, everywhere, which I vote would be a GREAT option.

div.ccm-notification-help,div.ccm-notification-info {
    color:#adeef7 ;
    display:none !important;

note... itr seems I had to add a few to really kill'em (to the bottom of application/css/app.css)

.ccm-notification-help {display:none !important;}
.ccm-notification {display:none  !important;}
div.ccm-notification-help {display:none !important;}
div.ccm-notification-info {display:none !important;}

I would assume that the first two would work on any class with those names inside a div, but i had to add the 2nd to actually make it work. I don't really know why.
edbeeny replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi ntisithoj
I added the code to the body.less

body {
  .ccm-notification-help-launcher {
     @media only screen and (max-width : @screen-xs-max) { display:none !important; }
juddc replied on at Permalink Reply
+1 on turning it off - super annoying.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
I agree that the current button position could be improved, but consider the help launcher's potential before turning it off.

The help launcher is built on Tourist.js and qTip2.

Tourist.js can handle complicated interfaces and has huge potential. I recommend viewing the demo and looking over the documentation. You will likely think of many applications for it.

Example uses:
- custom step by step guide for using a custom block
- custom step by step guide for using a custom dashboard page
- information tooltips (the blue ones) for custom dashboard pages

Let's say you build a some custom package that has complicated configuration settings. Even thoughtful, well designed settings forms can overwhelm some users. Including a step by step guide could make the difference between success and failure.

I am not sure if the help system supports it now, but imagine if you could create custom help info tooltips and step by step guides for composer forms and page types.

We all know that many end users are not technically inclined, some are even fearful or anxious of things that are technical (think of the blinking 12:00 VCR time). Building a "hand holding" system could mean less technical support requests and greater customer satisfaction.

I think it has considerable potential in regard to sales too. The idea of tailoring the experience to fit the user/user groups needs. Understanding how everything works means improved efficiency and adoption.