Adding new page issues in 5.7

I'm dipping my toe in the waters of 5.7 but when I try and add a page I'm having real problems.

I can add a new page, but can't name it or decide where it goes. When I click on page settings I'm not allowed to do anything.....Composer - where i would usually change the page name is blanked out........????

And another thing one you've made a selection under page attributes and it turns blue, how on earth can you unselect ????


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ptityop replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
That is probably because you did not include the page wrapper after your body tag
bek replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, thanks yes, I've just realised that :) But I still don't understand how you can unassociate a page attribute. Once I've clicked on an attribute like meta title, the background around it goes blue and there doesn't seem to be any way to unselect it......
107studio replied on at Permalink Reply
There should be a blue circle minus sign next to the attribute on the main column. Click that to remove the attribute.
bek replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment

I can't see that at all. I've attached a screenshot of what I can see. While your're here, I'm also having trouble adding an external link to a main menu item. I've tried the tip of missing out the http:, but ti doesn't make any difference, C5 still can't see the link from the menu, BUT can see it from the sitemap.....
olsergio replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
When I try to add a new page to the form page location is not activated.

Record the data on the form and sends me the following message: Invalid parent page. version did not have this problem, now appears in 5.7.3.

What should I do?
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Do you have any javascript errors in your logs? How is that page type configured to publish? Is it supposed to let you publish beneath any page on the site? Beneath a Specific page? Beneath a page of a certain type?