Additional file URLs

Hi there

Just wondering if there's a user-friendly way to add additional URLs to files like you can with pages. I could use .htaccess redirects or just upload them outside of c5 of course, but ultimately I want our less technical people to be able to upload catalogues for example and get a nice friendly URL to print on marketing material.

So for example if I upload a file widgets.pdf, currently it will reside in something like

I'd like them to be able to specify that the file can also be reached at

Is that possible? Or are we better off doing file storage outside of c5's.

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micrdy replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
You can´t name the URL of a uploaded file currently. But you could request a feature request on Github!

If you need this pretty URLs for your data, you could store them with FTP at a "pdf" folder in your conrete5 root and put all your data there. Then you may reach these

derykmarl replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for confirming, will do!