All about the conversation block - Does anyone have a clue?

Hi all,

We have been poking around in the "core conversation block", and simply got more and more confused about how to get it to do what we want.

An example:
A few people have a discussion in a "core conversation block" conversation. Every time someone write a post, I would expect that the others would get an email to point out that someone has replied in the thread. But it does not happen! The only email that is send out, is an email to "admin" account mail address.

An other thing that makes my head spin, is to figure out how to be able to style this block (or simply make a template). It simply seem impossible!

We are really seeking some information about this, because we are in the middle of development of a new package that make heavy use of the "core conversation block".

So if anyone have some insights to share... Please...

Michael Maar
Concrete5 Danmark

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi maar,

There is a setting that allows users to subscribe to the Conversation block in the block form and in the Conversations > Settings page.
- At the bottom of the Conversation block form modal, there is a "Override Global Settings" checkbox under the Notifications section. After that setting is checked, another checkbox becomes available "Yes, allow registered users to choose to subscribe to conversations.".
- At the bottom of the Settings page, you have the same checkbox for "Yes, allow registered users to choose to subscribe to conversations." to set the default for all Conversations.
Dashboard > System & Settings > Conversations > Settings

To customize the Conversation block, you need to override its elements located in the concrete\elements\conversation folder.
maar replied on at Permalink Reply
about the mail... I already found that. But I was thinking how to inject the first email address as the page owner... And how to automatically add a user that answer the thread to the subscribe list upon submit.

Coding example is very welcome...

About the styling... Kind of a shame that it is not possible to make a template... But more investigation have to go in to this. Sounds a little far fetched that this is the only way to style this block.