APP_TIMEZONE deprecated?

Is the define APP_TIMEZONE deprecated for 5.7? It cannot be set in application/bootstrap because concrete/bootstrap (where it is tested for existence) is executed before.

The only way to set it is in dispatcher.php or earlier, which makes me suspicious.

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mkly replied on at Permalink Reply
See this discussion

As for APP_TIMEZONE the current method is to simply define it in index.php

define('APP_TIMEZONE', 'America/Los_Angeles');
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
We should probably make this a setting you can set in the dashboard time zone page, as well.
mkly replied on at Permalink Reply
That's a good idea.

I added this pull request for doing in the file config

I'm not exactly sure yet all of it wraps together though.
ConcreteConversion replied on at Permalink Reply
That would be nice, it's quite useful when you can't change TZ on the server.

I'm curious about your thoughts of 'system' vs. 'app' time though. Some Localization\Service\Date methods are using 'system', even the new toDB method. Wouldn't 'app' be a more useful default since it's very explicit and defaults back to system if it doesn't exist?

Btw, it would be great if toDB had an option for specifying toTimezone as well. I'm storing all dates as UTC to minimize confusion, the default 'system' could lead to problems if the data is moved across time zones.