Appeal for an upgrade for Custom Templates

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We love Custom Templates.

They're a great way for users to quickly add tightly defined design and style changes to Blocks exactly where they need them. They work particulary well for non-technical and less design oriented editors.

The controls for adding Custom Templates have got a bit lost in 5.7.

The previous process...

Click on Block and choose 'Custom Template' Menu option > Select Custom Template > Click Save

Is replaced by...

Click on Block and choose 'Design & Custom Template' Menu option > Identify Gear icon in toolbar and Click (labelled 'Custom CSS Classes, Block Name, Custom Templates and Reset Styles') > Select Custom Template > Click on toolbar to focus again > Click Save

Could the Custom Template entry become a menu option again and be controlled separately from the design options?

Maybe the CCS Class options could also be treated this way as they too are more about managing defined styles.

What do other users think?

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
I agree with your suggestion here, it's quite hidden as it currently stands.

I tend to see changing block custom templates as a separate task from the other options in that dialog, and I wouldn't label it as an 'advanced' task.