Block Dev, Modal Disabling Popovers Inputs

Hello, I am developing a block. There's a huge problem I can't get around. This dumb proxy thing surrounding the whole page when the edit block popup comes up!

I have my block options, and in one of the options you click and it opens a small box modal with a few inputs in it's self (the modal opens at the bottom of the dom with position:fixed in the middle of the user's browser). Well, when you click on any of these inputs it just basically ignores it and selects the C5 edit block popup instead.

I've tried z-index, I've tried moving my dialog box up into the modal's DOM all the way up into the form tags even, but nothing. This is really bothersome!

To note, my modal is still functional aside from the input fields, the X button works, the yes/no buttons, tabs, etc. anything else is dandy.

Any ideas?

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emirii replied on at Permalink Reply
Turns out its a bug within the boostrap modal, I just replaced the file using this method:

in the package that requires it.