Blocks in global area not visible

So, I've defined two global areas which work fine during edit mode ( can add blocks etc. ). After publishing though, the blocks don't get added to the DOM. If I change them back to regular areas, all of the blocks show up.

I've done this with cache cleared and turned completely off etc.

After googling I've found similar issues but they've usually been related to permissions (guests not seeing global areas). I was logged in as the admin the whole time.

Not completely sure if this is a bug yet (maybe I'm doing something wrong), so I'll post here first and add a bug report later if needed.

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dabuuker replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Also, here's a video of the problem in action.
LaraGranite replied on at Permalink Reply
Try changing the name of the global area. There are some reserved words. For example, this doesn't work:
    $a = new GlobalArea('Navigation');

but this does:
    $a = new GlobalArea('Top navigation');