Broken Package [SOLVED]

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I moved this very simple package from my development machine to the production machine, and, on the production machine, it says "Broken Package" and won't let me instal. Both machines are running PHP version 5.4.

Anyone have any pointeres on how to troubleshooting? Here's my controller.php:


namespace Concrete\Package\kingsForTheKids;
use Package;
use BlockType;
use SinglePage;
use CollectionAttributeKey;
use BlockTypeSet;
use Config;

defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die("Access Denied.");

class Controller extends Package
protected $pkgHandle = 'kingsForTheKids';
protected $appVersionRequired = '5.7.1';
protected $pkgVersion = '0.3';

public function getPackageDescription() {
return t("Various functionality to support Kings For The Kids, specifically that related to the events engine");

public function getPackageName(){
return t("Kings For The Kids");

public function install(){
$pkg = parent::install();

//load blocks
$bt = BlockType::getByHandle('eventList');
if (!is_object($bt)) {
$bt = BlockType::installBlockType('eventList', $pkg);

//load single pages


public function upgrade(){

//need to figure out how to check veresion number here!



protected function loadSinglePages(){
//load all single pages

$single_page = SinglePage::add('/registration', $pkg);
$single_page->update(array('cName' => t('Registration Page'), 'cDescription' => t('Kings for the Kids Registration Page for Events')));




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dbuerer replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Issue resolved!!! My package name was not all lower case with underscores. Moving from a windows to a linux system exposed this issue. Also my namespace was not camel cased correctly.