Cache Path is not writeable

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Site at was running fine, updated my webserver and now getting

"An unexpected error occurred"
Cache path is not writeable

I have checked all the usual folder paths for writeable access and they are fine.
All my 5.6 sites are fine it just seems to be 5.7

Anyone got any ideas?

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scooterb69 replied on at Permalink Reply
now fixed :)
dzimney replied on at Permalink Reply
How did you fix this?
srsdesign replied on at Permalink Reply
I had this issue too. I resolved it by just deleting the cache folder.
xtedx replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks. i was able to fix mine too
btw, the cache folder is in
<c5 root>/application/files/cache
wardell replied on at Permalink Reply
Follow-up to this old thread:

Deleting the cache directory does not always work, as Concrete5 may not create it automatically. You can recreate the empty cache directory and Concrete5 will take it from there.

Note, however that you need the correct permissions and ownership for the directory. Set the permissions for cache as 755--not 777 as you will frequently read as people troubleshoot this problem, as 777 is not a good idea when considering security.

Next, ownership of cache must be the same as your Apache server. You will need to determine what this is. Most common is www-data; some setups default to root. cPanel configurations (usually Centos) default Apache to "nobody." You must set ownership using SSH; there is no way (that I know of) to do so from FTP.

Thus, to change ownership under a cPanel configuration (to nobody), use the following command from within the "files" directory (as explained above):

chown 99:99 cache