Can some PLEASE explain to me what "compare versions" is good for?

yesterday I was working on the site and when everything was fine I logged out and quit. today I go in to the site and the first thing I see is a blue pop-up that says 'compare versions'. OK, that's weird. So I go into my versions and approve the last one. It still appears. so I delete ALL versions except the last, and it still appears. But now when I click on [compare versions] it shows me [requested version] which is a blank template, and [Live version], which is the correct version. I deleted all my drafts, then all my trash, cleared my cache. I still get this annoying pop-up that is absolutely useless in purpose (unless it purpose it to annoy me). There is no approve/delete on either of the versions, no roll back, no go to the edit page of either.

so, what exactly am I supposed to do when I see this message? and what is it telling me (I mean I only have ONE version, so where is it find the 'problem')

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
What you're experiencing sounds like the slightly messed up state that pages can get into when somewhere along the line you have an error when the page saves. No amount of approving or changing versions seems to be fix it.

Fortunately Hissy put together an installable job that will fix this:

Running this job clears these erroneous messages.
ntisithoj replied on at Permalink Reply
dang!! I wish every solution was this smooth! thank you
diamondminder replied on at Permalink Reply
OMG! I thought I was going crazy... LOL. Thanks for this fix
davepilbeam replied on at Permalink Reply
This just happened to us and we fixed it like this:

In the versions menu you just create a New page from the approved page (with new slug) and save it to a different location in the Sitemap.

This page does not have the error, so you can simply delete the old page then rename your slug back