Can't access dashboard anymore - 500 (Internal Server Error)

Hey Guys,

i recently started building a concrete5 site and now ran into an error and i must say i'm stuck...

I was working on the frontend, installed a custom block recently and everything was going fine, after a while i wanted to access the dashboard and saw that nothing was loading, the bar slides open but nothing gets loaded.

Console says this: 500 (Internal Server Error)
And in the response header:
{"error":{"message":"Call to undefined method stdClass::set()"},"errors":["Call to undefined method stdClass::set()"]}

I first thought that maybe my custom blocks screwed something up, so i deleted them via ftp but the error still persists (had no errors when installing the blocks).

So Frontend works flawlessly (editing, adding blocks etc), but accessing the dashboard is not possible anymore. I hope it was my mistake, otherwise just became scared of concrete5.

So anyone knows whats up? I would very appreciate it! Thank you in advance!

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A3020 replied on at Permalink Reply
Was it a custom block or a custom package?

Did you remove the references in the database as well? You can safely delete a block type in the table BlockTypes.
s0krates replied on at Permalink Reply
it was a custom block. I removed everything from the mysql table you mentioned but the problem still persists. It definitly has something to do with the db i'm using for that project. Because when i set up everything on my localhost, i don't get this problem. But when i import the db from the server where i have this problem, my local concrete5 installation stops working too.

Still looking for the cause, but thanks for your reply mate!
A3020 replied on at Permalink Reply
I'd try to prepend all the custom files with an underscore to see if that helps. Or comment out the custom code. If you think it's DB related I'd create a backup and check tables such as Blocks and Packages.

If you have something like xdebug, you'd be able to step through the code. That would be really helpful in these kinda situations as well.