Can't Delete Auto-Nav Block

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Hi Guys, I've been trying different Auto-Nav layouts and now it seem I have an Auto-Nav that's visible when viewing the published site but not accessible when editing the site. Attached is a screen-shot showing the 2 states. I'm also testing out the Fundamental theme but I don't know if the problem is related to that or not. I've also cleared the cache with no joy.

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StefSmeers replied on at Permalink Reply
Do you use the default permissions or have you changed those? Because I had the exact same problem when I was messing around with permissions.

Try to figure out which permission is needed to edit site-wide blocks. I myself have no idea of which one it is right now.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi JimMacMillan,

I had the same thing happen once.

To remove the Auto-Nav block, I went into the matching global area stack and clicked on "Clear Global Area".
Dashboard > Stacks & Blocks > Stacks > View Stacks button > select View Global Areas
JimMacMillan replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Thank StefSmeers & MrKDilkington,

I tried both of your suggestions with no joy. The guys over at C5HUB were nice enough to intervene and fix the problem. In case it helps anyone else with this problem here was their solutions:

We logged in to your site and fixed the issue. Looks like there may be a bug in concrete5 where the areas can become out of sync. We have seen this before in 5.6 but not in 5.7 - we thought they had resolved this.

Anyway, we simply added another block to the affected area, published the page and then deleted this and published once more. We then added the autonav back to the site to give you a good starting point.

Can thank you enough C5HUB :-)