Can't Delete Order

I was just testing out the store and how it would handle downloads and now I'm trying to delete my fake orders and I get this error.

Any help would be appreciated.

Call to undefined method Concrete\Package\VividStore\Src\VividStore\Order\Order::getShippingMethodTypeMethod()

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PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Don't bother with the Vivid Store package. It's (apparently) been abandoned and is not supported.

Use Community Store, which is on Github:

Development is active, and it works with the latest versions of Concrete.
littleraingames replied on at Permalink Reply
After installing I realize it still uses the original store system. So I still have a problem with not being able to delete orders.

Edit: I just realized I had Vivid Store installed, which seems like a version of the community store. I totally forgot I had installed it ages ago so I thought it was built in. I just removed it and installed the community one, seems to be updated.