Can't install ProBlog Add-On to c5 version

Hello all,

I am trying to install the ProBlog add-on to my c5 site, and I get an error stating the version of the add-on is not compatible with my version of c5:

This package isn't currently available for this version of concrete5. Please contact the maintainer of this package for assistance.

It was confirmed by the ProBlog team that I did indeed download the correct app package. They sent me this message:

the app has the following defined:
protected $appVersionRequired = '';
protected $pkgVersion = '2.4.2’;

If your install meets that criteria and you still have issues, you will need to contact the core team as I can only set the app up per the API. If they point out something I have missed or have defined incorrectly…please let me know.

I have no idea how to continue from here. Can anyone please help? I need to get this site up quickly.


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WebcentricLtd replied on at Permalink Reply
HI Craig,
I wasn't sure from your message if you actually checked inside the controller.php of the package and confirmed those version numbers.

If you didn't - please check and post that snippet of code here.

If you did and the version number etc matches then the author is suggesting this is a bug in C5 itself. You could always look up Frz in the member list and send PM him with the details - so long as you areinstalling the correct version of course.
vergedesign replied on at Permalink Reply
I couldn't even get the package installed. The error was preventing it. I decided to downgrade to downgrade to, and I was able to install ProBlog.

Now I don't see any content when I create a blog post, and there are no styles on the edit pages. Using this Add-On with c5 v5.6 was a lot easier :\
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
The c5 core underwent some significant changes in autoloading at version 5.7.4.

Unfortunately that means that some packages that worked before that core version would need updating to work after (It also means that some packages developed since may not work with pearlier 5.7 series cores). I suspect the issues you are experiencing arise from that.

EDIT - the above is obviously not the case if it installs OK with
edbeeny replied on at Permalink Reply
I can install on
Try installing the latest C5 version and try again.
CMSDeveloper replied on at Permalink Reply

Just open a support question for ProBlog:

vergedesign replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you to everyone who replied.

I was able to get it running correctly on c5 version, and I think I am going to stick with it. I had to rename the main content area of my custom template to "Main", and then the content came in, though strangely it took letting it sit overnight for it to work correctly. I tried clearing the cache a few times which did nothing, but this morning it is working. Must have been server issues.

Thanks again to everyone who offered suggestions.