Clear Theme Cache?

Ok so basically my problem stems first from Thumbnails and my Cache.

It seems when i clear the cache it clears everything completely - as it should by default. But lets say we have a gallery with large amount of images - it takes ages to load a gallery page without cached thumbnails.

Now, i've recreated the flush cache functionality to go along with an Add-On that allows theme editing. So the problem becomes - when a user is editing theme files and flushes the cache (to speed up CSS/HTML changes.) it clears out all the thumbnails in the huge gallery also. Which can be a pain for live site visitors.

I was wondering if there is a way to selectively clear a cache or at least, exclude the images cache if possible?

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi aaronStark,

Clearing the cache does not delete the image thumbnails. I justed tested it. Before and after clearing the cache, the number of thumbnail images stayed the same.

What is the link to the page you are having load time issues with?
aaronStark replied on at Permalink Reply
This Actually an Inquiry for a related thread:

I believe the user said they are using a Gallery Add-on that has cached thumbnails, instead of the Core Gallery, which may explain why the cache deletes the thumbnails. I can ask for more details on the Add-on he's using
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply

I think there is confusion in terminology.

One of the features of concrete5 is thumbnail generation. These thumbnails are generated when image files are added to concrete5.

What you are referring to is cached block output. Where I believe the resized/cropped image output of the block is stored in cache.

I don't know if cache can be selectively cleared.

When you need to edit a live site that is using a gallery add-on with a lot of images, it may not be a good choice to use the Apex Editor add-on for now. The Apex Editor developer says he has plans to separate saving and cache clearing in a future update though. This should address the issue.