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??? someone who can tell me how to clone a page and save it with a new pagename?? I could do that in but not in this ???

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juddc replied on at Permalink Reply
You can duplicate a page using the Versions tool. Click "New Page" in the options.
workndawg replied on at Permalink Reply
I've duplicated a few pages using the Version Tool. Where do they go, can't find them?
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply 3 Attachments
When you create a new page using Versions, the new page is a draft.

Drafts are available in the Page Drafts section of the Pages panel and in the Full Sitemap under Drafts (tick the "Include System Pages in Sitemap" checkbox to view the Drafts section).

I have attached screenshots that show the New Page link and where drafts are saved.
workndawg replied on at Permalink Reply
Well the secret was in the one screen shot "New Page"

I was using the "Duplicate" button :( because I was looking in the 2 areas you show, even checking the Show Site Files box but nothing was there.

Thank you very much again!

I am getting places with great strides finally. Lots of little tricks. Keeping a list so I can soon help others.