Composer form - adding a content block - Templates not available.


I am trying to get my understanding of the whole new page type system. And it's actually coming along OK. And I am very exited about it, but...

I have added some templates to the content block (adding some background styling). I placed the templates in /application/blocks/content/templates. All this works alright when adding the templates manually on a page. But when trying to add the templates to a content block in the page type composer form, the templates is simply not in the list in the "Edit form control" dialog. The list stays empty what ever I try.

Does anyone have any idea how to activate the templates in the edit form control page type composer dialog.

Thanks in advance...


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jheanly replied on at Permalink Reply
I have been trying to find an answer to the same question. Can anyone provide any insight into how to get custom templates to show up in the Edit Form Control in Composer?
jheanly replied on at Permalink Reply
I have done some more digging and have managed to get a template to show up in the Custom Template dropdown on the Edit Form Control.

I first had to create the following directory...


Within that directory I then created a file called composer_blog_entry.php

This resulted in a Custom Template called Composer Blog Entry being available in the Edit Form Control dialog

Having done all of that, the code in the composer_blog_entry.php file actually showed up when trying to create the blog entry, and was not used as a view template on an actual entry (if that makes sense).

There is a comment on the function getBlockTypeComposerTemplates() in the php file /concrete/src/Block/BlockType/BlockType.php that says...

"gets the available composer templates. used for editing instances of the BlockType while in the composer ui in the dashboard"

This seems to indicate that the templates you create are actually used within the Dashboard when entering data for the blog post, rather than actually being applied / used as the view of the post.