Customize Theme dashboard panel page

To reach this page, we will have to go through "Page Settings" (the cog item in the top left corner) - "Design" and click on "Customize" within the theme. That will be a link looking somewhat like this:

Now, is there a way (with some javascript or anchor attributes), to reach this page directly? So click a button, and the dashboard page shows with this specific section (Customize Theme). It will be saving some page loads, that's what we're trying to achieve with a shortcut.

The "Page" panel can be opened by adding this attribute to an anchor tag: data-launch-panel="page". But we want the detail page Customize Theme to show, not the "Page Settings". So we want to skip the first 2 pages! Is this do-able? Don't want to make some messy javascript either of course, so would be awesome if there's some stuff we can use from the core.

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andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Not easily – I think you'd probably have to re-code a fair amount of the page. Maybe copy out the contents of the panel and the panel view and make a custom single page uses them ?