Dashboard Single Page missing title

So i'm getting used to building for 5.7 except for one "feature" of the single pages on the dashboard. On sub pages I get the page title at the top of the page in the darker grey bar except on the home page for my package (see attachment for example) any idea what's causing this? I am creating my pages in the same way in my package:
//Install dashboard page
      $p = SinglePage::add('/dashboard/raffler', $pkg);
      SinglePage::add('/dashboard/raffler/overview', $pkg);
      SinglePage::add('/dashboard/raffler/create', $pkg);
      SinglePage::add('/dashboard/raffler/raffles', $pkg);

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andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Double check that if any of your dashboard page controllers implement on_start() or on_page_view(), that they also call parent::on_start() and parent::on_page_view(). I think that's probably what's doing it.
CrystalShardz replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Thanks for the reply Andrew, turned out my directory structure was wrong. The controller for the main section in question should have been one step up from where it was.