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Hello I'm just looking at the new version 5.7 and a bit confused regarding this theme and page templates, not sure if it's a bug or it's because it was completely rewritten and I'm just not getting it!

it only shows one them elemental, when there is at least 5 themes in the folder? so as an admin I can't select or change to another theme.

within elemental there are 3 page templates you should be allowed to select depending on page type you need full, left_sidebar, right_sidebar I can only seem to be able to select full??

I can go in to dashboard/pages/templates add page template select from 13 different types and name it and add Handle but still I can change the page from the default full page template.

Am I doing something wrong here or is there some issues with this, as If i set a theme up in previous versions I could create full, left_sidebar, right_sidebar then choose the page template I require per new page / child page..

Also why can't you make it straightforward in the auto nav to change it from standard nav to a drop down navigation without altering the code, in order to change it from as standard single level auto nav I had to edit Auto Nav block, blocks/autonav/view.php and themes/elemental/elements/header.php

Edit Auto Nav Block:
Begin Auto Nav: at top level
Sibling Pages: Display all
Page Levels: Display all

blocks/ autonav/view.php
uncommented the code which should allow it create the dropdown element (didn't work) even after removing all the caches.

had to change some html code to standard bootstrap code for the nav and voila it worked

surely this should work as soon as you Edit the Auto Nav Block within the dashboard??

or again is it something I'm doing wrong to why it doesn't automatically pick up that I need a dropdown menu??



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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi osgmal,

Elemental is the only 5.7 theme in the themes directory. The other themes are leftovers from 5.6 and have been removed in the upcoming 5.7.4 release.

Page Types and Page Templates in 5.7 behave differently than in 5.6.

Here are two explanations of how they work now in 5.7. It should clear up some of the confusion you are having.

The auto-nav comes with a "Responsive Header Navigation" custom template that adds a responsive drop down menu.
osgmal replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks for that, some of the links made sense, and I know have a better understanding of how it all pieces together.