Drafts and Workflow

My site is up and running with a workflow in place on the Approve Changes permission at the top level of the site.

Now unless I place a the workflow on the Approve Changes permission on Drafts my users seem to bypass the workflow when pressing Publish when on exiting edit mode on a freshly created page.

To stop this I placed a workflow on the Drafts Approve Changes permission and this seemingly stopped the bypass.
However on a newly created page having the workflow on the Draft approve changes creates 2 workflows, 1 for the Draft and 1 for the page to be made live. This is just creating double the workflows.

Does anyone have an Idea what I've done wrong/point me in the right direction to not have to add a workflow to the approve changes permission on the drafts?

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gavthompson replied on at Permalink Reply
I removed the groups I had assigned from the Drafts Approve Changes permissions and added Administrators and Page Owners to the Drafts Approve Changes permission and this seems to fix the issue with double workflows and users being able to bypass the workflow.

I need to test this on my live site now.
gavthompson replied on at Permalink Reply
Tested on live site and it seems to be working correctly on there too.

Administrator, Page Owner
To the Approve Changes permission of Drafts stops users from bypassing the Approve Changes Workflow.
derykmarl replied on at Permalink Reply
Same issue, but solution didn't fix it for me.

What I want is for a group called "Editors" to have full control over most of the site EXCEPT the news page (blog / blog entries). If they're publishing new content to the news page, it should go to Marketing for approval, for which I've created another group "News Review".

I have created an Editors group and given them most of the permissions from the 'Home' node, and then customised the News page and assigned a workflow to 'Approve Changes' for the News Review group to approve. This works fine for changes to existing articles, turning the publish button into 'Submit to workflow'.

The problem is new pages, which start out in Drafts. I can't for the life of me get the combination right there. Without at least Page Owner permission on 'Approve Changes', it's not possible for Editors to submit the draft at all - they can only save it. If given permission to Approve Changes, they can publish, but it bypasses the workflow. The News Review group still gets a notification that there's an article ready for approval, but it's already on the live site at this point so there's no point in them approving it.
If the draft approvals are set up to go through a workflow, then indeed, two notifications go through.

Absolutely baffled.
derykmarl replied on at Permalink Reply
Okay I'm still not much the wiser, but have spotted something.

Generally the correct setup seems to be:
Attach the workflow to the destination (News) Approve Changes permission with Administrators and Editors as allowed to submit.
For drafts, leave it at what I think was the default: Administrators and Page Owner on Approve Changes, no workflow

If the Editor creates a blog entry from the composer and goes directly to "Publish", it works correctly - the page doesn't go live, and an email is received by the approval address saying "Initial Version" needs to be approved.

However, if the Editor creates the blog entry and then SAVES it, then publishes from the save, the email says "Version 1" needs to be approved and the article is already live.

Could be that the first method bypasses the Drafts altogether though.
derykmarl replied on at Permalink Reply
Nope, still not having any luck. Filed a bug report:https://github.com/concrete5/concrete5/issues/3931...
gavthompson replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi Derykmarl,

My solution no longer works for me either....so you are not alone.
My solution did work for someone reason I'm guessing I was just lucky at the time but as of now it doesn't work anymore. I think it stopped working after an update, I can't remember.

Hopefully someone will be able to solve this.