Dynamic pages instead of standard pages

I have a project where I need to show a parent page with a block that let's the user find hotels. If he clicks a hotel he goes into the detailview. And here I have two choices:

A) Create over an interface dynamically a ton of standard pages. Each page featuring a hotel with description.

+ Easy to do
+ Breadcrumb picks up those pages
+ Found by search engines
- Needs quite some work in the interface of it. Everytime a Hotelname gets changed the Page name needs to change as well
- Sooo many pages
- Every click a complete pageload. Rather annoying for the visitor to go trough quite a lot of these pages

B) Load the data dynamically and show it on a fake page

+ Faster, way better user experience in Frontend
+ Better overview for the customer in the Backend (not hundreds of subpages)
+ More easy to do then dynamic page creation
+ Just one block to manage it all needed, not multiple
- Breadcrumb will not pick up those pages
- Needs quite some work
- SEO seems to be a bit of a pain yet?

Now, I know how to do A) and did quite sort of B) on another page. There's some stuff in B) that are tricky, but I LOVE to load only what is needed and not the whole pages. It's so so so much faster and cooler.

I just ask myself if it's the "clever" thing to do. There's all the handling with back and forward buttons, pretty URL's, etc... I know that this is a pain in the ass yet.
Is there anything in place from the side of 5.7 to help in this?

What would you recommend? Any experience with this? I'd be glad for some tipps....

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