Elasticsearch integration / Events


I need to integrate Elasticsearch into my site to support the search feature. I search the marketplace, but there does not seem to be an add-on for that yet, right ? Unless there is some add-on outside the marketplace for that ?

Anyway, if I'm going to do it myself, my main problem is with keeping my index up to date when pages are edited. One solution would be to use the event system. I would need to intercept events on page publish / move / delete, check if this is one of the indexed page (with page attributes) to extract the information and feed it to Elasticsearch.

Is my approach correct or would something else work better ?
The official documentation on C5.7 events is not out yet and I did not use C5 before. Is there any external tutorial on events that would get me started ? How outdated is the 5.6 documentation on events compared to 5.7 ? Also, I can't find a document on page lifecycle with regards to events - like what events are called when. Do I need to also hook on create or update event or is the publish event called anyway ?

Thanks for any help, the lack of official documentation on some topics is overwhelming sometimes!

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Did you ever get anywhere with this?