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I am having issues with people trying to register on our site. For some reason since I've updated to we are getting "Invalid email address provided". Need help with this issue if anyone can help.


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IMHO, it's a bug - introduced in

You can get round it by overriding the register controller and changing line 59 to

if (!$vals->email($_POST['uEmail'], false, false)) {

This turns off strict email address checking, but will still stop people entering email addresses without an @ in them, but it will allow "[email protected]", which is not ideal.

To create an override:
1) Turn off and clear all the c5 caches
2) Copy from your updates folder the file concrete/controllers/single_page/register.php to application/controllers/single_page/register.php.
3) Change the namespace in your new file to Application\Controller\SinglePage;
4) Turn on caches after ensuring your registration page works.
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jero replied on at Permalink Reply
jero is now available which incorporates a fix for this issue.