ERROR - Can't add Single Page to Dashboard

Keep getting error: "That specified path doesn't appear to be a valid static page."

I had a developer build me custom package with custom dahsboard pages for website. This developer is not available. I just need to add a new single page dashboard page so it: 1) shows in right side menu like the other custom pages he built and 2) I can make changes to like the other pages he developed.

I have a php file in /package/single_pages/contacts.php and in /package/controllers/contacts.php ...but when I add single page just like the other pages in admin to: /dashboard/orgwide/contacts I get the above error.

If anyone can help - thanks!

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tsdonohue5 replied on at Permalink Reply
Can a Single Page for a Package only be installed via the public function install() method in the package controller file?

Can't we add new Single Pages for package dashboard in the Single Pages admin form like other front end single pages? Or MUST I add the add code in Install() and uninstall and reinstall the package?
hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
You can add single pages on package update, is that what you are trying to do?

Your PHP files are not in the correct places, but we need more information as to where the dashboard pages are trying to be added (through the existing package, not connected to the package, or with a totally new package).
tsdonohue5 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi with the same existing installed package...I'm just trying to follow the code/files I see there but with a new one "Contacts.php"

Is the answer I need to uninstall and reinstall the package...after I add the new "Add" code to the package controller.php?

I seem to have found a work around by adding a Single Page to the 'front' end and then moving the file in Sitemap to Dashboard in the positino I want and can now add my code. Which is good because I have to get this done asap except the code and file will live in the /application/single_pages folder instead of the package folder where it should be.