faulty dashboard pages

Running a site that we just updated to

In the dashboard, if I click on the Sitemap, or Reports or a few other top level items I just get a blank page. No page source, nothing, even with debug turned on. The url bar shows:

But if I use the search box, I can get the the the full sitemap at

I tried this on another c5 site and clicking on Sitemap in the dashboard is supposed to redirect to the /full page. So how can I tell what is broken?

For troubleshooting, I've replaced the concrete core to make sure I had a good version, I've moved to a new server to rule out server problems.

If this is a possible corrupt database, how to do a rebuild?

the site is plain vanilla, using supermint and one other addon.


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ctadmin replied on at Permalink Reply
I may have figured out part of this.

The user was trying to add a page called /members but the system kept wanting to call it /members-1

I tried overriding it and things got strange.

Is /members a reserved slug because it's used in the dashboard?

Or is this just a red herring?
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi ctadmin,

I believe that you cannot create URL slugs that have the same path as system pages. As an alternative, you can use the same page name, but change the URL slug to something different.

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ctadmin replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm starting to wonder if the dashboard pages didn't get created correctly when concrete first setup the database.

It's really strange, just a blank page but I can get to sub items.

I'm thinking about going into the site map and adding the attribute to the top dashboard pages that fail "default to first page under nav" (or something like that, can't remember) to see if it fixes the issue. Feels like duct tape but I don't want to reinstall and redo all the pages.
ctadmin replied on at Permalink Reply
So I have this fixed and it took a bit of sleuthing.

Everything about the dashboard and the site seemed to be working except certain dashboard pages would just be blank.

I started looking at page attributes in the full sitemap and things weren't showing the same there. From what I could tell it was almost like the page was not the correct template. (example /dashboard/sitemap)

I went into the database and in the pages table, I noticed several blank lines in the first 100 records, but the blank lines seemed to be only in the 'cPathname' field where the path for the dashboard pages were. I'm guessing this is something that gets created when concrete5 is first installed. Anyway about 5 of the lines had this field blank, and primarily it was sitemap, reports, backup and the other couple of top level dashboard items I was having problems with. (strange that it was only top level pages)

I opened a database of a fresh concrete5 install and copied the cpathname field from the fresh database into the blank fields and my dashboard problems are fixed now.

My question is, is this something that is imported into the database on install via script or import file, or generated programmatically by the install routine? Is there any type of log or error checking to see if this is successful?

This site was installed on Rackspace Cloudsites platform, and while we've never had a problem with v5.6 on there, and we've moved some 5.7 sites to there that were created elsewhere, this was our first 5.7 site to be installed on cloudsites and I just wonder if the db or something else timed out during install and caused some of these missing elements.