File manager of 5.7: show more than 10 files per page, assign files to file sets

I'm really missing an option to make the file manager show more than just 10 files per page. Maybe there is a secret configuration option for that...?

Secondly, i'm missing the option to assign file sets to files right during the upload procedure. I hope this will be implemented in the future.

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andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah, the latter is definitely something on the list. I think the former would be smart to do too – it should be pretty easy to add to advanced search.
okapi replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you, i would love to see that!
okapi replied on at Permalink Reply
two and a half years have gone, is there a setting available to define the number of files showing up on each page of the file manager?
willabc replied on at Permalink Reply
HI Okapi,

They do have the setting but it is kind of hidden. You have to do an advanced search and Click the customize results tab. From there if you scroll tot he bottom there will be a drop down... it will let you select to display up to 100 files per page.

Hope this helps.

okapi replied on at Permalink Reply
That's only a temporary search mask option, only valid for the current active search mask. Only way to escape from the current mask is to reset it, which also resets the number of displayed items (folders and/or images) per page to the default value of 10 items per page.
tipweb replied on at Permalink Reply
There is another kind of problems with the file manager. When there are more files in a set than are shown in the manager, you cann't select all files in the set to e.g. delete the whole set in one step. Furthermore you always have to go to the drop-down and select 'items selected' and than select in a second step the command, you want for the selected sets. I think this is a little confusing. 'items selected' should better be a label and then you can select a command for all selected files ('files selected' would be a better name here than 'items selected').
I hope, this can be changed in a next release too.