Filtering by Topic Category in Page List


I'm considering to filter by Topic Category.

When I install c5.7 with sample data, I get reviews category, with four topic terms: gadgets, movies, books, and music.

My idea is, filtering by reviews = pickup pages with one of gadgets, movies, books, or music selected.

/concrete/src/Page/Pagelist.php has filterByTopic,
but this method assumes to filter by one Topic.

public function filterByTopic($topic)
        if (is_object($topic)) {
            $treeNodeID = $topic->getTreeNodeID();
        } else {
            $treeNodeID = $topic;
        $this->query->innerJoin('cv', 'CollectionAttributeValues', 'cavTopics',
            'cv.cID = cavTopics.cID and cv.cvID = cavTopics.cvID');
        $this->query->innerJoin('cavTopics', 'atSelectedTopics', 'atst', 'cavTopics.avID = atst.avID');
        $this->query->andWhere('atst.TopicNodeID = :TopicNodeID');
        $this->query->setParameter('TopicNodeID', $treeNodeID); // $treeNodeID is int, not array

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eckoro replied on at Permalink Reply
Would also like to see this implemented.

In the composer it allows for pages to be assigned to categories, however the topic filter will not filter this down.

Will forward into their Github.