Fresh install or upgrade to leads to blank screen

Hello community,

Yesterday night I tried moving to for testing. When everything is unzipped and I call the URL, I end up in a blank screen not showing any errors or content.

Serverlogs don't say anything about it but when I rename the host directory, it leads to 404. So the connection kinda works.

After that, I set up a new install with the 5.7.5RC and it installed correctly and fine. After uploading the core to the updates dir and running the update script - it ends up in a white screen of death again.

I am running on PHP v.5.3.3, but previous version don't seem to care.

Any ideas on that?

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baysmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
Same issue here unfortunately
baysmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
Seems that this is a PHP versioning issue. I get the symptoms above on CentOS 6 (with PHP 5.3.3) but the upgrade process works on CentOS 7 (PHP 5.4.9).

I guess it's time for me to upgrade my servers...