Global Areas and Class Config

This is a re-write since my previous write-up did not appear to be clear (sorry, it rambled).

Apparently there used to be some Global Areas that were a system default, one being Site Name? Those apparently are removed and converting previous version themes causes Scrapbook errors.
One such error, the code is -
$block = Block::getByName('My_Site_Name');
which throws the scrapbook error.

The suggest fix is provided by a forum member:
$variable = Config::get('');

Question one -
Relating to that function getByName, where is the parameter or variable 'My_Site_Name' defined? The function still exists. The global area "Site Name" doesn't exist. And the parameter passed to the function is somewhat of a mystery?

Question two - Where is the class Config defined? I can't seem to relate the namespace to the file where the class is defined. That particular class doesn't seem to follow the convention of other namespaces which are somewhat related to similarly named files under concrete/src/dir (where dir matches the namespace name).

Question three - Once again the get function parameter or variable 'dashboard.sitename" works but I don't see a list or place where these parameters are provided in documentation (and that would be documentation for older versions so it is not a v5.7+ situation).

Thanks to other forum answers, some answers are provided. I would like to know how to get the answers through Concrete5 documentation.

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madeye replied on at Permalink Reply
Even though this is an older question, I thought it would be good to add a little information, as I have been struggling with finding this information myself. (regarding Q2)

I was able to find the config values in the file: (webroot)/concrete/config/concrete.php
and the override values are stored in: (webroot)/application/config/generated_overrides/concrete.php

echo Config::get('concrete.version_installed')
will show the version installed.

Check the files for the values you can readout.

PS. This is for V5.7!