Help - Can I Move / Drag a Layout?

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I have a page where I first added a two column layout to the page, and then added some content to each column within the layout.

Under that, I then added a one column layout and added some content.

Now, what I would like to be able to do is drag the actual one column layout up so it sits above the two column layout. However, when I attempt to drag, all I am actually dragging is the content within the one column layout, and not the layout row itself.

Is there a way to drag layouts?

I know I can just add a new two column layout under the one column layout, drag the two column content, and then delete the original two column layout. I was just hoping there might be an easier way.



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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi jheanly,

As far as I know, you cannot move or drag a layout.
juddc replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply 2 Attachments
If you've enabled a framework - ie: Bootstrap - then you can drag the whole thing as long as it's in the same Area Block.

I attached a couple of images for you.

Click the column tab on one of your columns and select Edit Layout Container - from there, there is an movement icon right beside the trash icon. You can grab that and drag it around.

If you're going to move a layout above or below something in the same Area Block, you're fine, but as far as I know, you *can't* drag it into another Area Block, ie: Main into Header.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Nice find, I didn't know you could do that.
jheanly replied on at Permalink Reply
That is brilliant. Thanks very much for your help
HypnoCare replied on at Permalink Reply
I found the icon to move the layout area.
But whatever I try I can`t move the container?!

I hold the mouse-button and tried to move the block but it was impossible to find a place for the container??

Any idea what I made wrong?
WillemAnchor replied on at Permalink Reply
Maybe refresh your page after creating the layout.
I'm not sure if it's only on firefox, but creating a layout sometimes doesn't show the new layout properly until a pagerefresh (and probably doesn't load all required code).

But nice find. I didn't know about this feature yet :D
GrafFoto replied on at Permalink Reply
After testing for some hours I found that the layout area has a very strange behaviour.
I also had the problem, that I couln`t move the container.
It is very difficult to explain in english (I`m german) but I will try ...

First I tried to enter the menu with the Move-Button via the button of column-2 (you can reach the menu with the buttons under each column). But whatever I tried, I coudn`t mve the layout?!

After a while I entered the menu via the buttom of column 1. And suddendly I could move the container!

After it worked once, there was no more difference between the columns. Now I am able to enter the menu via the column2-button and move the container.
WillemAnchor replied on at Permalink Reply
can you specify your concrete5 version, and your browser ?
GrafFoto replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes ... I`tried it with the actual versions of FF, Opera and Chrome. So this should not be the problem.

And I`ve tried with 3 different homepages at different servers - always the same problem.

The versions:, and
labdesignstudio replied on at Permalink Reply
Has anyone resolved this problem. I have a client who is in the process of changing the order of a lot of layouts :( This would be a very handy tool if it worked.

I tried it in FF 44.0.2 (Mac) and Chrome 48.0.2564.116 (64-bit) (Mac) and at this point it will definitely take me less time to re-enter the content manually. Anyone have a solution?
labdesignstudio replied on at Permalink Reply
For anyone else who might have this problem you might have "greedy styles" :(

Check out this link

It helped!
pypu replied on at Permalink Reply
I use a very simple solution typically as I have a small number of blocks on any given page. If I mess up the layout and i have already placed blocks.......I simply make an empty layout below what I have already created/populated, ensure it has the structure I desire, and then drag the blocks to their new columns/layout. Make it quick. then delete the old layout.