How to add rating widget to form

I wanted to add rating widget to form so I can use it to rate different things.
But I am unable to do so as I am a newbie to concrete 5 as well as coding.

Please also describe the procedure.

Thanks in advance

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Prachir,

Please include more specific details about what you are trying to accomplish.
Prachir replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you sir for responding
I want to enable rating of various shops that i have on my site so that customer can rate the shops.

This would make it easy for new customers to choose shops.

Since there is no free rating addon for concrete 5.7, I am thinking to use the rating widget in the form. I would be inserting a form block and using rating field in it.

but I can't find rating helper in form fields.

Website link.-