How to call a block controller custom public method?

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My block controller is like this :
namespace Application\Block\MCQ;
use Concrete\Core\Block\BlockController;
class Controller extends BlockController
    private $answerState = '';
    public function getAnswerState(){
      return $this->answerState;

From another block, I want to check the state of all MCQ blocks on the current page.
$blocks = Page::getCurrentPage()->getBlocks('MCQArea');
foreach ($blocks as $b) {
     echo $b->getController()->getAnswerState();

The problem is that the getController method gives me a generic BlockController and I obtain the following error
Call to undefined method Concrete\Block\Content\Controller::getAnswerState()

How to cast the generic BlockController into a MCQ BlockController in order to call the method getAnswerState? If this is not possible what is the concrete5.7 way of doing this?

Thank you, any ideas are welcome.

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A3020 replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Are you sure you have only one type of blocks in that area? Because it looks like it also retrieves a Content block. And obviously that block controller doesn't have the method you try to call.

You'd wrap it in an if statement with $b->getBlockTypeHandle()
VonUniGE replied on at Permalink Reply
You are right, there was a lost content block in my area. I should check the block type before to call this method.

Thank you!