How to implement the File Manager Upload + Progress Bar for a Concrete 5.7 package

Hello everybody,

I need to implement to functionality of the File Manager + Progress Bar for uploading several files and push them to an existing fileset from within a single page controller in a package, which would be the best approach and concrete helpers to use?

So far I have registered some core assets in the controller

public function add() {
$v = View::getInstance();

and copied the upload box in the view

<?php if ($fp->canAddFile()) { ?>
<div id="ccm-file-manager-upload-prompt" class="ccm-file-manager-upload">
<?php echo t("<strong>Upload Files</strong>") ?>
<input type="file" name="files[]" multiple="multiple" /></div>
<?php } ?>

But i don't get the progress bar to detect, upload the files and then work to add them to an existing fileset

Any ideas?


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