How to speedup Site in Edit mode ?

Hi All,
I'm on concrete5 (latest version)
And I am adding pages to websites. There are hundreds of pages and Site is very slow in edit mode. It takes a lot time to edit content on pages. I have turned off cache.

Will Turning cache on, help to speed up site in edit mode ?
And What are other ways that I can speedup website in edit mode.

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srjahir32 replied on at Permalink Reply
Is there anyone who can help me on this ?
mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
It's unlikely you'll find editing any faster with caching on - perhaps navigating around the site to _get_ to the page you want to edit, but not really while the page is in edit mode.

Server side caching may help though, you may want to check what you have in place there. Often it's a case of adding some additional caching lines to your htaccess file.

It you inspect the download of a page and it's painfully slow to download the main html/index.php page the main guess I'd make as to the cause is that the hosting is simply overloaded and/or too budget. Some hosts let their database in particular get overloaded and don't really care what the performance is. Concrete5 can comfortably run on shared hosting, but it isn't a 'lightweight' cms, especially while editing. On very cheap hosts there's really nothing special you can do to speed things up, as it simply comes down to the response times to process the page and database requests.

Occasionally misbehaving add-ons and themes can trigger off things like remove requests that can cause pages to take forever to load. Sometimes accidental 404 requests can happen too with themes, which all adds to the server load.

You may simply need to move the site to better hosting.
srjahir32 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you so much for providing information.

This is my current usage bandwidth and configuration of server.
Comfiguration : 8gb ram, duel 2.8ghz cpu, 3gb/sec drives, 100mb connection
Currrent: 380 GB / Month

Hosting provider says, you almost use 99% traffic on server.

Moving to SSD (Solid State Drive) Host provider will help ?

Looking forward to hear from you