I cant take it anymore

I should never write these posts when i am mad... but I can't help myself!!!

I've been a strong Concrete5 advocate since 2010 and have developed several add-ins. The idea behind C5 is (or any CMS) is to provide a solid website framework so the developer can focus on creating cool functionality and designs.

C5 has now officially burned the whole CMS bridge for me. I once thought a CMS provides a clean framework to build ideas. It now feel as if a CMS is trap, forcing you into a never ending support cycle, and destroying any opportunity to create.

The latest release of broke my website, even after reverting my database, and modifying the config, it is still broken.

This has happened so many times, i'm not sure it's worth fixing it again. It might be a far better use of my time to put up an "under construction" page and and re-write it from scratch with no CMS to get in the way.

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
I may have missed it, but have you posted on the forums the error you're hitting after the upgrade? The combined experience of the forums may be able to help you out.

If you reverted your database and concrete5 version/folder, you should be at a point _exactly_ as the site was before you attempted the upgrade, so I'm thinking something else has been edited or changed. Or maybe you've ended up with a package that's been updated to include a site breaking error.

Over many dozens of installs and upgrades, I've never had to completely throw out an install, there's always been a way to either recover it or fix what is actually breaking.

Although I do hit the odd issue with updates, it tends to be down to something in a package not being correct rather than the core itself. It might help to also post the list of packages you have installed for this particular site.

Not knocking your frustration, we've all been there I'm sure!
ob7dev replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey rockface,

Like mesuva said, if you made a full backup before doing the migration, you should be able to fall back on that. A full backup includes a mysqldump of the database prior to the update, and a backup of the entire directory containing your c5 install.

If you have any screenshots or error msg's you can post then someone here can probably be of help. A lot of times I've seen someone trying to help another person out in the forums by just helping them troubleshoot, and then all of a sudden somebody who's had the same issue drops in with the exact fix.
rockface replied on at Permalink Reply
After the update I was getting override errors. I restored the db using phpMyAdmin from a full export made just before the Upgrade and changed the config back to the previous version. But received a series of errors for missing fields and one missing table. After manually adding them. After a few hours, I was able to get the site working again.

I have given this a lot of thought and feel C5 is not the right solution for my website.
In this case, there is no customer to pay me for my time and I never know when and update is going to break the whole website or break something small hidden deep in code somewhere.

I started rewriting my site from scratch yesterday and feel it's the right choice for this site.