Image slider height

Just transferred from Wordpress - wow! Glad I did that!
In any case, I have a brand new install of Concrete 5.7 with Elemental theme. I simply need to change the height of the image slider.

Would appreciate any help for newby!


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HardOne replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Great to hear that you like concrete5.

Before editing a theme you should consider reading the following how-to:

Editing a core theme makes no sense, because it will be overridden with the next update you'll install in the future. So making a copy is best practice.

The css settings for the image slider can be found in the theme's directory folder -> css -> build -> blocks -> image-slider.less

Between lines 11 and 57 you'll find the height settings for the slider for each screen size.

This should get you started. :-) Maybe you want to take a look into the documentation which is a pretty good resource, when it comes to theming in general.
PJSAndo replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, I have now made a copy of the elemental theme and editing that. Although my customize theme panel is now blank....?

In any case, I'll check out the css for the image slider.
Thanks for that.
PJSAndo replied on at Permalink Reply
On the same train of thought then, what would be the best resolution/size for images to fit the default Elemental slider?
HardOne replied on at Permalink Reply
I believe the default slider images were 1100 x 368 px.

For your customize theme panel being blank: I've experienced this myself. In my case it was some custom css interfering with the core ui css. Unfortunately I can't remember what the exact cause was.

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