Installed Custom Theme Does Not Show Up In 'Pages & Themes'

I can't for the life me figure out how to get a theme I've been working on for 5.7 to show up in the Pages & Themes page so it can be activated. I followed Andrew's tutorials and the closest I can get things is where they install, but the theme just simply won't display so it can be activated.

I downloaded another 5.7 theme and tried the controller.php and theme_paths.php code from it and still no luck. Things are installed in the same place, no major differences that I could see.

Would anyone be willing to take a look at the theme and see what I've missed? It's attached here [edit - removed theme]

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WebcentricLtd replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
hello - you seem to have a mismatch between your path:


and your page_theme.php namespacing:
namespace Concrete\Package\ThemeSafelanding\Theme\Safelanding;

if you change the theme directory to \safelanding instead of \theme_safelanding does that work?

TBH - I'd change all of your references throughout the package to be safelanding instead of theme_safelanding

1. It's a little confusing to have the word theme show up so many times in different parts of the path
2. I've seen some issues using 'reserved' words in theme names - try creating a theme with the name 'new' and you'll see what I mean
TooqInc replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Andy.

I ran a bunch of new circles without much luck starting with removing "theme" from all of the paths, file names, etc. That made things a bit more ugly, so put them back and slowly tweaked paths little bit by little bit. When nearly ready to give up, I went back and took 'Theme' back out and got the theme to show up in the Pages and Themes page finally!

I think it was mostly a case of running in circles for so long that I just got myself too wrapped up in it. A little break and a point in the right direction did wonders. Thanks for your help!