Installing Concrete 5.7.1 with myisam (doesnt have innodb)

Hi all, I want to ask how to install concrete 5.7.1 in server that doesnt have innodb support?
my server only have myisam.

For what I know, C5 already use innodb since 5.5. But up to concrete, I still can install on my server. except since 5.7.1, I cant. I think because of max key length error.

I try to follow Remo suggestion in
but no hope.

please someone help me.

this is what I got:
An exception occurred while executing 'CREATE TABLE Config (configNamespace VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL, configGroup VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, configItem VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, configValue LONGTEXT DEFAULT NULL, INDEX configGroup (configGroup), PRIMARY KEY(configNamespace, configGroup, configItem)) DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci ENGINE = InnoDB': SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1071 Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes.
#0 /home/sloki/user/k8717229/sites/ Doctrine\DBAL\DBALException::driverExceptionDuringQuery(Object(PDOException), 'CREATE TABLE Co...') #1 [internal function]: Doctrine\DBAL\Connection->query('CREATE TABLE Co...') #2 /home/sloki/user/k8717229/sites/ call_user_func_array('parent::query', Array) #3 /home/sloki/user/k8717229/sites/ Concrete\Core\Database\Connection\Connection->query('CREATE TABLE Co...') #4 /home/sloki/user/k8717229/sites/ Concrete\Core\Package\Package::installDB('/home/sloki/use...') #5 [internal function]: Concrete\Core\Package\StartingPointPackage->install_database() #6 /home/sloki/user/k8717229/sites/ call_user_func(Array) #7 [internal function]: Concrete\Controller\Install->run_routine('elemental_full', 'install_databas...') #8 /home/sloki/user/k8717229/sites/ call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #9 /home/sloki/user/k8717229/sites/ Concrete\Core\Controller\AbstractController->runAction('run_routine', Array) #10 /home/sloki/user/k8717229/sites/ Concrete\Core\Routing\ControllerRouteCallback->execute(Object(Concrete\Core\Http\Request), Object(Concrete\Core\Routing\Route), Array) #11 /home/sloki/user/k8717229/sites/ Concrete\Core\Routing\Router->execute(Object(Concrete\Core\Routing\Route), Array) #12 /home/sloki/user/k8717229/sites/ Concrete\Core\Support\Facade\Facade::__callStatic('execute', Array) #13 /home/sloki/user/k8717229/sites/ Concrete\Core\Support\Facade\Route::execute(Object(Concrete\Core\Routing\Route), Array) #14 /home/sloki/user/k8717229/sites/ Concrete\Core\Application\Application->dispatch(Object(Concrete\Core\Http\Request)) #15 /home/sloki/user/k8717229/sites/ require('/home/sloki/use...') #16 /home/sloki/user/k8717229/sites/ require('/home/sloki/use...') #17 {main}

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andrew replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
This is not something that's going to work – and it's going to cause problems for you in the future if you can't enable InnoDB tables.

In 5.6 we didn't mandate InnoDB tables and not too much of what we were using required it – but in 5.7 we can't support both table types.
mkharisecario replied on at Permalink Reply
oh. is 5.7.0.~ version similar with version 5.6?
because up to version I still can install it...
mkly replied on at Permalink Reply
My guess of what he is saying and my knowledge of 5.7 says that although you might be able to get it installed, there are problems beyond that.
mkharisecario replied on at Permalink Reply
oh ok i think i get it!