Installing sample content with your theme

Hi Guys,

Has anyone tried installing sample content with their theme? I would really appreciate any help. I'm stuck with an error "include(/vagrant/public/server/myc5/packages/mytheme/elements/dashboard/install.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory" after clicking install. I think I made the right initiation calls.

use \Concrete\Core\Backup\ContentImporter;

protected $pkgAllowsFullContentSwap = true;

install function:
$ci = new ContentImporter();
$ci->importContentFile($this->getPackagePath() . '/content.xml');

i used a dummy content.xml

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andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Put an empty php file at the place where the path says it ought to go. This field is required whenever you do a full content swap. It can also be used to specify additional options when installing a package. You can leave it empty or you can use it to inform users as to what clicking Yes will really do to their site.
datasouth replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Andrew,

I got through the error but now I'm faced with another one. After clicking on the option to swap content and clicking install an error shows up that says something like concrete/package/user not found and it also didn't erase my database. I did the same for 5.6 and it went through no problem. I wonder if there might be something special I need to do for it to work on 5.7. Any thoughts?

Also, when do you think you could make a sample content generator addon for 5.7?

Thank you for addressing my problem.

andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Make sure you're using 5.7.1. There was an error using this functionality prior to that release.