Is an add-on coming up for event and/or booking systems?

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I know the ProEvent add-on, but the new version is missing the possibility for a reservation form. So i was wondering if maybe someone is working on a second add-on for events, calendars and booking systems. In 5.6 there was the ProForm add-on to complete the ProEvents add-on into a reservation system. But i don't think the 5.7 version has this functionality because ProForms is non existing.
I wil ask Chad, but seeing from the support questions he's not very reachable.

Sooo, my question is: Does someone know of a second add-on coming up to fill this big hole of reservation systems in 5.7? I'm in need for one on a very short term. If not i have to choose to work with 5.6. But i'd rather not do so because i love all the new functionalities in 5.7!

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I too would be looking to pay for such functionality.