Is there a faster way to add a page in 5.7?

Today I tried to give 5.7 a try for a new project, for the third or fourth time (the previous times I always reverted back to 5.6 because the UI, while clean, was just atrociously difficult to use, something that didn't get better even with a lot of exercise.)

The project will have a *lot* of pages, that we'll need to manually create, and there will be a *lot* of page operations we'll have to do in the site map (move, rename, copy...)

I was disappointed to find that

- the workflow of creating a new page is still as complex as in the first release of 5.7: you can't create a page in the site map, you have to open the parent page; you're taken to composer *first* which is a bother when you just want to create a bare-bones page structure.

- it doesn't seem to be possible to perform page operations in the site map any more: when I click any item, the item is opened. In 5.6, there was a very helpful context menu opening.

Is there any workaround available, especially for the first problem?

Also could someone point me towards any current discussion of this, and what the C5 team is going to do about these problems (if anything)? I'd be heartbroken if 5.6 really remains the last version of C5 that I can use. I haven't used anything else for dozens of projects in the past five years or so.

There is the "How is everyone getting along with 5.7" discussion but it seems to be closed.

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply 1 Attachment
I think I can give an answer to your problem:

Use the sitemap within the Dashboard for the tasks you've described and NOT the one within the pages panel.

Although the one in the pages panel does allow you move pages around, clicking on the pages directly takes you to them. The sitemap in the dashboard on the other hand is almost identical in functionality to the one in 5.6. See attached for the context menu you'll get when clicking on pages there.

From the dashboard sitemap, you can quickly add new pages without using the composer.

I might also add that this add-on is available for very quickly fleshing out a skeleton site, you can add many pages at once with a cut-and-paste and click:
(also available on github)
pekka replied on at Permalink Reply
Very helpful, thank you!
OKDnet replied on at Permalink Reply
I agree with mesuva. I too am a fan of using the sitemap for adding pages. The functionality of the main sitemap works as it always did.
And the add-on mentioned is an excellent tool when you want to add lots of pages at once!